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Benefits of the DiscoverOrg Platform for Sales Professionals

Additional Appointments Set Each week with DiscoverOrg:

Additional appointments set each year as a result of the incremental appointments set with DiscoverOrg:

Additional Revenue / Rep / Year as a result of DiscoverOrg:

Total Additional Revenue:

Return on Investment with the use of DiscoverOrg:

DiscoverOrg Sales and marketing intelligence solutions company

Your CFO wants to see the ROI. Here’s how you can deliver it.

Based on the data you’ve entered about your outbound prospecting team, you should generate each year by using DiscoverOrg for Direct Dials, Org Charts, and up-to-the minute Projects and Triggers:

ROI Inputs

Number of Appointment Setting Sales Reps:

Average Size Deal:

Appointment to Close Win Rate(%):

Hours Spent Prospecting Daily Per Rep:

Number of Appointments Set Daily Per Rep:

Hours Saved Daily with DiscoverOrg for Each Rep:

Additional appointments set each week with DiscoverOrg:

Additional appointments set each year as a result of the incremental appointments set with DiscoverOrg:

Additional Revenue / Rep / Year as a result of DiscoverOrg:

Total Additional Revenue:

Here are some typical areas where we impact outbound teams:

Efficient Outreach

Is your sales team not proactive enough about getting new business? Do they rely on their network to -- fingers crossed -- introduce them to new opportunities or have inbound leads fall in their lap? You can’t blame them when the options are do that, or spend day after day scraping LinkedIn and other sources for contacts, only to have to guess email formulas, and call into main line corporate numbers to get stuck at gatekeepers and switchboards over and over. Imagine empowering them with Org Charts and Direct Dial phone numbers on all their target prospects and accounts. It takes 22 minutes to get a prospect on the phone if all you have are main lines vs 5 minutes if you have direct lines. That’s a lot less painful, and you can be comfortable holding your reps accountable when you are spotting them that level of intelligence.

Effectiveness of Campaigns

Having the right contact information every time and knowing exactly who to be reaching out to in every organization you are targeting makes your outbound efforts drastically more effective. Instead of mass emailing thousands of contacts with the same message, imagine being able to target, say, “VPs and Directors of Application Development, in the Retail industry, at companies that code using Ruby on Rails” or “CIOs at eCommerce companies on AWS”...and how specific your messaging can be. Reallinx used this strategy to get a 32.5% human response rate on their first campaign. Look at that again...no, the decimal point is NOT in the wrong place.

Scalable Outreach

Sure, you may know a guy who knows a guy who knows the CIO of Wells Fargo, but you can’t scale an outbound effort like that. DiscoverOrg allows you to create scalable programs to reach decision makers who are spending millions of dollars every year on technology. Our Org Chart on Wells Fargo, as an example, has over 600 VPs of IT! Imagine knowing all of them, on all your target accounts, and being able to reach out to them with Direct Dial phone numbers, not getting stuck at gatekeepers all day.

Team Morale

It’s easy to spot a team using good data and a team using bad data. You’re paying your reps to use email, phone, and social to be effective sellers of your product or service. When they have bad data, the morale of the team dies, and the culture with it. And when that happens...well, don’t let that happen. Besides, you have more pressing issues to deal with like call reluctance, outbound call metrics, coaching etc., Take this potential culture-killer off your plate.

Cross-Sell / UpSell

Selling Wells Fargo and SELLING Wells Fargo are two very different things. We find that most of our clients are siloed in accounts – they’ve sold a piece of the account – the mortgage banking division -- but they have no visibility into retail banking, wholesale banking, commercial banking etc. DiscoverOrg’s organizational charts make cross-selling and upselling into existing accounts fully transparent. Cloudera leverages our Org Charts, calling as many as 200-300 contacts per account, scheduling as many as 15 meetings, and as a result saw a 35% uptick in expansion opportunities within existing customers. 35% isn’t bad for a $1B+ company!

DiscoverOrg is the leading sales and marketing intelligence tool used by the top technology vendors, staffing companies, and consultants targeting IT, Marketing and Finance departments of Fortune Ranked, Mid-Market, and SMB companies in North America and Europe. Offered in the form of a constantly refreshed database, DiscoverOrg specializes in mapping out the Org Charts of over 50,000 companies complete with verified email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, reporting structure, project updates, and technology install base.

360º View into Target Accounts

discoverorg 360 view into target accountsEvery company profile includes the detailed Org Charts of the entire IT, Marketing or Finance department. A complete list of technologies installed, budgets, leadership changes, and new projects are also outlined, allowing sales reps to pinpoint selling opportunities and ideal fit prospects with ease.

Direct Access to Decision Makers

discoverorg direct access to decision makersDiscoverOrg takes the frustration out of connecting with key stakeholders by identifying not only who they are, but also providing direct contact information. Almost all of the contacts profiled include direct dial phone numbers and verified email addresses, eliminating common roadblocks to accessing decision makers.

Easily Expand and Upsell Existing Accounts

discoverorg easily expand and upsell existing accountsWith DiscoverOrg, sophisticated account executives can subscribe to Real-Time Triggers to receive updates on leadership changes or spending initiatives at target accounts – providing a strategic reason to reach out. Red Alerts can also keep sales reps updated on new contacts added or removed from managed accounts.

Prime Opportunities Delivered to Your Inbox

discoverorg prime opportunities delivered to your inboxDiscoverOrg’s sales intelligence software features Real-Time Triggers and Opportunity Alerts that alert sales teams to prime selling opportunities – filling their pipeline and giving sales reps important insights that can inform the content and timing of conversations.

Qualified Leads in an Instant

discoverorg qualified leads in an instantInside Sales teams can easily pull lists of prospects that meet the exact criteria of an ideal fit – searching by job function, seniority, location and even current technology stack. Each record is refreshed at least every 90 days so those direct dial phone numbers and email addresses are all up to date.

© 2017 DiscoverOrg, All Rights Reserved
© 2017 DiscoverOrg, All Rights Reserved